Already Parked Off-Grid Tiny House For Sale

Already Parked Off-Grid Tiny House For Sale
This cute, completely off-grid tiny house in Denver, Colorado is currently for sale. It is parked on an animal sanctuary, and for a small monthly fee it can remain there. In this video you’ll see a quick interior and exterior tour that should give you a good feel for what this tiny house is all about and has to offer.

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Already Parked Off-Grid Tiny House For Sale

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12 thoughts on “Already Parked Off-Grid Tiny House For Sale”

  1. Reading comments, it looks like there IS a bathroom BUT Any Tiny House video that does not SHOW the bathroom facilities – should be automatically deleted from the internet! Ridiculous.

  2. $54,000 for a toy home that only depreciates in value…Now I see why rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer.

  3. I would not pay $40,000 for this, way too high for a shed on wheels. $12,000 yes is what it should be going for. I didn't see a bathroom either. This is crazy

  4. Would love to have seen the bathroom but this is a Darling House however I'd rather have open shelving in the kitchen then cabinets it makes it more open thank you for sharing

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