Most Expensive Home For Sale In The US – $250 Million Mansion

Most Expensive Home For Sale In The US – 0 Million Mansion

0 Million Mansion Is Most Expensive In America


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0-Million Los Angeles Home is Most Expensive in America, Boasts Helipad and 40-Person Movie Theater

When you think of a 0-million home, a five-star resort probably comes to mind, and this Los Angeles mega mansion on 924 Bel Air Road definitely fits the bill. Spanning 38,000-square-feet, plus another 17,000 square feet of outdoor terraces, it offers 12 bedrooms, including two master suites, 21 baths, six bars, helicopter landing pad, and a James Bond-inspired home theater, with 40 reclining seats – dressed up with Hermes pillows and blankets – 57 speakers, 16 subwoofers, as well as 7,000 movies preloaded into the 4K-gold projector………………………………………………………….


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This Is What a 0 Million House Looks Like

The new mansion that developer Bruce Makowsky is selling for 0 million comes with 150 pieces of original artwork, million worth of classic cars (his estimate), a dozen high-performance motorcycles, and a deactivated helicopter.

Understatement clearly isn’t on the agenda. But in a saturated spec-home market that gives the super-rich some super-sized options, even the appearance of getting bang for one’s many bucks is a selling point.

The Bel Air mansion offers 38,000 feet of interior space, including 12 bedrooms, 21 baths, a 40-seat home theater, and a four-lane bowling alley. That works out to more than ,500 per square foot. By comparison, one lavish Los Angeles spec house changed hands last year for 0 million, or about ,300 per square foot…………………………………………………………


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Most Expensive Home For Sale In The US - 0 Million Mansion

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