Rental Property Walkthrough | Investment & Deal Analysis (Denver, CO)

Rental Property Walkthrough | Investment & Deal Analysis (Denver, CO)

Plan to purchase a rental property in the future? This video shows a full rental property analysis useful for any real estate investment. Dave Meyer, real estate investor and vice president of growth at BiggerPockets, does a complete walkthrough on a 4 bed, 2 bath, 1/2 duplex in Denver, CO. He also shows you how to calculate the return on investment for the property to determine whether you buy or pass on the opportunity.

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Rental Property Walkthrough | Investment & Deal Analysis (Denver, CO)

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14 thoughts on “Rental Property Walkthrough | Investment & Deal Analysis (Denver, CO)”

  1. very valuable information from my favorite real estate investing mentor biggerpockets please make a lot more of this type of video 😊

  2. But if you put in $66k and only making $6,360 a year, how is this a good deal if it would take 10 whole years to make back just what was put into it!? There really is no profit margin here till id have grey hairs on my head

  3. If you own the house free and clear and are selling it, how would you qualify the buyer to pay you since you would be essentially acting as the bank? Is their a leniency here because if they default you get the huge down payment and can start over selling it again anyways?

  4. Awesome! you guys rock and have been an inspiration to start looking for my first deal.

  5. NOT a 4 bedroom according to Denver tax records. Should not be sold as such or rent it as such. Bad deal.

  6. Hey BP, this was an awesome video that really draws clear explanations as to what numbers to look at when investing in rental properties. I hope y'all make more videos like these!

  7. 2148 Oliver St is NOT a 4 bedroom. Look it up in Denver Tax Assessors site. Erase my posts all you want, you screwed up. You can't sell it as a 4 bedroom or tell renters it's a 4 bedroom.

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